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Next Flight Out


With our Next Flight Out (NFO) medical delivery service you don't have to worry about getting your package across state lines.This service is available to our regular account holders. We are a TSA Certified and Compliant company. With our NFO service, your medical package is picked up and placed on the Next Flight Out to the destination of your choice without compromising the security and speed that our company is famous for. Each shipment is tracked individually assuring the safe and timely arrival as though you were handling the package yourself. At ECS, we keep you in the loop by keeping you updated as to the status of your package each and every step of the way. Our dedicated medical courier will ensure that your package receives the optimal temperature control environment necessary with proper packaging and handling.

At ECS, we know the critical nature of medical deliveries and cater to unique needs of the medical field with the highest standard of service. With our dedicated pick-up service, your package will never be bundled with others. Again, further ensuring that you receive the optimal medical delivery service in the industry door to door without any stops or delays and never compromising the chain of custody.

Daily Flights

Daily medical courier flights inbound and outbound from LAX to destinations in all 50 states. We will connect your package to anywhere it needs to be with real time tracking.


Service Locations:

California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Chicago, New Jersey